Can I add or remove a name from my account?

Property owner
If you are a property owner, your account name is the legal name that appears on your property title. We can add a new name to your account if it is reflected on your property title or your current council rates.

Renting a property
If you are renting a property, we can add or remove a name from your account in line with the names on your lease agreement.

The death of an account holder
Please notify South East water in the event that an account holder passes away.This can be done by submitting a General Enquiry form through mySouthEastWater (Via the Contact us link). Alternatively, you can submit and online enquiry form or call us on 131 851.

You can add or change your name online via mySouthEastWater
  • 1. Login to mySouthEastWater
  • 2. Go to the My details page
  • 3. Click on Update my details
  • 4. Select Submit a request to change my name and follow the prompts
If you haven't registered yet for mySouthEastWater it's quick and easy, all you'll need is a copy of your bill.

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