Do I pay a plumber to repair a blocked pipe?

If the blockage is in our pipes, call us on 132 812 to investigate and we will fix it at our cost.

If the blockage is in your property’s pipes, the property owner is responsible for the repair costs.

Where you’ve called a plumber and they’ve identified the blockage is in our sewer, they need to report this to us on 132 812. We’ll then attend to fix the blockage. As only South East Water and its approved contractors are allowed to carry out repairs on our assets and pipes, your plumber should not perform any work on a blockage that is our responsibility. The plumber will receive a spotter’s fee of $74 + GST for making the call. If the plumber invoices you for their time, we may reimburse you for reasonable costs associated with a plumber’s call out. 

Please note, if a plumber has also cleared your own pipes or digs to find your inspection point or boundary trap, these works will be at your cost. Likewise, the property owner is responsible for the cost of works where:
  • the plumber didn’t refer the blockage to us
  • all work carried out by the plumber relates to clearance and/or work on your pipes
  • CCTV was used to determine a blockage location
  • costs include use of general accessories e.g. machine hire
  • a high pressure jet cleaner was used.

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