How can I save on my bill?

There are lots of ways to cut the bottom line on your water and sewerage bill – especially if you have a large household or if you use a lot of water. Just think what an extra $20 – or even $500 – could mean for you.

Fix toilet leaks and dripping taps

Toilet leaks can raise your bill – even a trickle can add more than $425 a year. (A noticeable leak could even be $3,000 or more per bill). Then there’s dripping taps. They can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year, or 55 litres a day - costing you up to $25 each quarter. Find out more.

Shorten your shower

A massive 30 per cent of all household water is used in the shower – so having shorter showers is an easy way to save water. A four person household (using more than 880 litres of water a day) can save $300 a year on their water bill - just by cutting their showers from eight minutes each to four minutes.

Maintain your cooler

Have you noticed a wet patch on a ceiling or wall inside your house? Or that water runs down the roof even when your evaporative cooler is turned off? Your system may be leaking – and it has the potential to add thousands of dollars to your water and sewerage bill. Find out more.

Cut back watering time

Water your garden for 30 minutes every second day, instead of for one hour, and you could save up to $420 a year. Drought tolerant plants don’t need as much watering, so consider them when planting. Find out more.

Swimming sense can save

Even a small blow-up kids pool can take 340 litres (or 28 buckets) to fill – imagine the cost if your in-ground pool had a leak or an automatic top-up function that’s malfunctioning. Find out more.

Water saving doesn’t have to cost a thing

Little actions add up to a lot – and these ones don’t cost anything!

Understanding household appliances

Learn how the appliances you use can affect your water use – from dishwashers through to washing machines.

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