How can I use water wisely?

There are many ways to use water wisely around the house and in your garden. From using water efficient products to watering ‘smarter’ you can save on water and cost.

More time in the garden often means more water use, which can lead to increased bills. Given that an average 20% of water use around the home is in the garden, it makes sense to keep your garden water use as efficient as possible.

Water wise in the garden

  • Do a simple test and put your finger in your soil. If it’s damp below the surface, you don’t need to water.
  • The best time for your garden to absorb water is in the morning or at night. Avoid watering during the middle of the day when heat contributes to faster evaporation.
  • Water directly onto the roots of plants, not onto the leaves.
  • Check the weather report. If it’s forecast to rain, leave the watering up to nature.
  • If redesigning your garden, the best time to make changes is in autumn when there’s more likely to be rain and cooler days. Avoid big changes in summer when more watering may be needed.
  • Consider drought tolerant and native plants, which don’t need as much water.
  • Use mulch, which can reduce evaporation by up to 70 per cent while also boosting water retention, soil nutrients and worm activity.

Pools and spas

  • Pools and spas can take a lot to fill. Check there’s no automatic top-up function activated when your water levels get a bit low. A pool or spa cover can help reduce evaporation.
  • We all enjoy a pool on warm days, but even a kids wading pool can take more than 300 litres to fill.


  • We all like a lush lawn, but your grass is one of your yard’s biggest water guzzlers. Cut back your lawn watering time to keep your water use in check. When mowing your lawn, help it keep some moisture and colour by avoiding cutting it by more than a third of its length.

Water wise in your home

Learn from our handy hints for using water wisely around your home or help make the most of every drop by referring to our range of water-efficient products and services:

Toilet packages

Small changes can make a big difference. Install a 4 star toilet and save 35,000 litres of water a year.

Greywater systems

Greywater is wastewater that comes from your bathroom and laundry basins, showers, bath tubs and washing machine. Find the right system and start reusing your greywater today!

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