How do I arrange a meter reading?

Selling your house?

Your solicitor or conveyancer is responsible for sending us a notice of disposition. This let's us know you're moving out of a property and will be used to close your account.

Tenant moving out?

Please let us know at least two days prior in order for us to read your property’s meter and finalise your account.  

You can arrange a meter reading two ways, via mySouthEastWater or via our website
  1. Fill in the Move out form here
You will receive a confirmation email and we'll arrange to read your meter so we can bill you only for the water you use.

Via mySouthEastWater
  1. Go to: the Accounts page
  2. Select: Moving or selling from the menu of the left hand side
If you haven't registered yet for mySouthEastWater it's quick and easy, all you'll need is a copy of your bill.

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