How are water prices and charges determined?

The price of water and sewerage services is determined every five years through a review and engagement process we undertake with our independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC). 

In setting prices, we consider:

  • the costs required to operate our business based on the services and standards we will deliver to customers
  • expected demand for water and sewerage services
  • the investments we need to make into building new infrastructure to service a growing population.

We seek and use feedback from our customers to help us determine the services they expect and value, and how much they’re willing to pay for those services.
We use all this information to propose to our regulator the services we’ll deliver and the prices we would charge for them. The ESC invites public feedback on our proposal, and makes its own determination, either requesting changes or approving our proposal.
For the 2018-23 price regulatory period, we’re pleased that the ESC approved our proposal to reduce water and sewerage prices for our customers.
51% of your bill goes towards water services, 45% towards sewer services and 4% to support sustainable water management initiatives


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