I have no water

What can I do?

Step 1: Check South East Water Live to see if water is off in your area

Step 2: Check your Stop Tap (the tap on the road side of your meter, used to control water supply to your property)

Why don’t I have water?

There are a number of reasons you may not have water at your property. These include:

  1. Planned works
  2. A burst water main / emergency works
  3. An internal issue
  4. The stop tap may be off

In the case of planned works, a notification card is dropped in your letterbox at least 48 hours before planned works to advise the date and time of a water outage. Sometimes a letterbox may be missed and you do not receive your notification.

We also respond to water main bursts as a matter of urgency and are unable to advise our customers before turning off the water in these emergency situations.

In some instances there is an issue on your property that you may be unaware of. Check your property for signs of a water burst, or anything else that might indicate the cause. You should also check your stop tap to ensure it has not been turned off. If you are in a block of units, someone else may have turned this off to undertake works. Stop Taps are on when turned anti-clockwise fully.

To see planned and emergency works in your area check out South East Water LIVE, you can contact our Faults & Emergencies team on 132 812.

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