I may have a leak. What do I do?

If you have checked for a water leak and the test shows you may have a leak, turn off the stop tap on your meter and keep it turned off when possible.

If you are the:

  • Owner – contact an independent licensed plumber immediately. Alternatively, South East Water Priority Plumbing is ready to assist at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Priority Plumbing on 1300 760 306.
  • Tenant of a rental property – contact your agent or the owner of the property immediately. It's important that you encourage your landlord/agent to repair the leak as soon as possible as you are responsible for all usage charges (i.e. you pay for the leaking water).

What am I responsible for?

South East Water is responsible for the meter and pipes from the street to the meter. The property owner is responsible for all pipes after the meter. If you believe a leak is on the South East Water's side, call us on 13 28 12 (24 hours) or report it via our online report a leak form, selecting that it is either located at the meter or in the street.

Water meter

Responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of pipes on the side of the customer's house is with the property owner.

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