What are my payment options?

Payment options and assistance

Whether you need support paying your bill, or just handy ways to manage your payments, we’re here to help. Tap into the solution that works for you.

Payment plans

Do you find smaller, more frequent payments easier to manage? Spread the cost of your bill with a payment plan, making fortnightly or monthly payments via your bank account or credit card.
To create a payment plan that suits you, visit mySouthEastWater, You can even choose a start date to fit in with your household and lifestyle needs.
If your financial circumstances have changed, or you’re having trouble paying your bill, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team using our online form. They can work with you to provide support through a range of programs and services tailored to your personal circumstances.

Need more time to pay?

If you need more time to pay your bill you may be able to access an extension. To request a payment extension visit mySouthEastWater =


If you've got an eligible concession card from Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs you could receive a discount of up to $328.90 in 2019-20 financial year on your water and sewerage charges. If you're billed for a single service only - such as water - the discount is up to $164.45. You can register your concession at mySouthEastWater

Set and forget

Direct debit means you don’t need to worry about forgetting to pay your bill – it’s all done for you. Simply sign up and we’ll automatically deduct the amount you owe each quarter when your bill is due. You’ll still receive a copy of your bill for reference and to help you monitor your household’s water use.

If you receive Centrelink benefits, explore Centrepay – it’s a free service that takes regular deductions from your Centrelink payments, and puts them directly onto your water and sewerage bill.

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Direct debit

Set up payments at

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Arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payments
CRN: 555 050 397J


Online anytime

Always on the go? Pay your bill online whenever and wherever you want using BPay, Visa or MasterCard. You can also make credit card payments over the phone 24/7.

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Credit card (Up to $5,000)

Pay by Visa or MasterCard online
or call 1300 659 658

There is no surcharge for paying by credit card.

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BPay (Up to $20,000)

Pay your bill through internet banking
Biller code: 24208
Your reference number is on your bill


Business customers can now pay using EFT (with plans to make this available for residential customers shortly).


Electronic funds transfer (Limit set by bank)

The BSB, account number and account name are listed on your bill. Go to the pay anyone tab in your online banking environment.


Pay by post

Like to balance a cheque book? You can still pay your bill by posting us a cheque. You can also take your bill into any Australia Post outlet and pay over the counter using Postbillpay (or pay online at postbillpay.com.au).

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Mail a cheque and payment slip to:
South East Water, GPO Box 2763
Melbourne VIC 3001

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Pay by visiting postbillpay.com.au or an Australia post store
Billpay code: 0361
Your reference number is on your bill


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