Moving house - what do I need to know?

We want to help make your move as easy as possible.

Buying or selling

If you’re buying or selling your house your solicitor or conveyancer is responsible for sending us a notice of acquisition/disposition. This let's us know you're moving into or out of a property and will be used to setup or close your account.

Leasing or renting


If you’re a landlord or are using an agent to manage the tenancy of your investment property, it is your (or your agent’s) responsibility to let us know the moving in details of your tenant. If you don't have the tenants details, contact your agent and ensure they advise us through our online moving form. We don't ever turn the water off, so until we receive the tenants details you will be billed for water usage at the property.


If you’re a tenant and you’re:

  • moving in to a new property your real estate agent or landlord is responsible for providing your moving in details.
  • moving out of a property, we need to be provided with the details either by yourself, your real estate agent or your landlord. You can do this through our online moving form. Please provide at least two business days notice so we can read your meter and close your account at this property. This will avoid you being liable for usage charges until the next meter read is taken at the property.

These are requirements under the Water Act 1989 and the Residential Tenancy Act 1997.

Please remember if you hold an eligible concession card, be sure to let us know when you move so you can continue to receive your discount.


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