What is Target 155?

What is Target 155?

Target 155 is a voluntary water efficiency program to encourage Melbourne householders to use water responsibly and to aim to keep their use below 155 litres per person, per day.

Climate change, population growth and increasing demand for water means that we need a plan for protecting the security of our water supplies.

Melburnians have adopted a great culture of saving water – using 22 per cent less than ten years ago, but there is more we can do to manage our water efficiently.

Target 155 is one of the water efficiency measures that’s helping secure water for Victorians.

In 2018-19, residential water use across Melbourne was 162 litres per person, per day. With some simple and easy behaviour changes we can all try to save an extra 7 litres per day to reach Target 155 – we’re less than a bucket of water away!

How do I know if I’m meeting Target 155?

Your water bill tells you your household’s daily average water use for the past quarter. The Target 155 table on your bill shows what the average daily use is depending on how many people are in your household.

You can calculate this yourself too. For example, if you have four people in your household and your average daily water use as a household is 610 litres, to calculate your daily water use per person simply: 650 (litres) divided by 4 (people) = 152.5 litres per person, per day. Each person in this home is meeting Target 155.

How can I save water to help make every drop count?

Check out these tips to help you meet Target 155.

Do you know where you use the most water in your home, or how much water each tap or appliance uses? You may be surprised to know that your shower makes up around 31 per cent of your household’s water use. Find out where else in the home you use the most water here.

In addition:

  • permanent water use rules remain in place and encourage common sense water use even when water restrictions are not in place
  • water saving products are still available
  • Melburnians are encouraged to make every drop count by making small water savings
Water sustainability programs are available for our schools

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