What is my average water use?

Your average daily water use is calculated by taking your total water use for the billing period and dividing it by the number of days in that same period. Most billing periods are around 90 days.

To view your average daily water use for the most recent billing period:

via your water bill

On the first page of your bill, the average daily water use is listed in the 'Your snapshot' section. You can also compare your water use with the same time last year, and against others in your postcode.

via mySouthEastWater

  • Login to mysoutheastwater.com.au
  • Go to the Water Use page
  • Look at the Daily average litres column in the table. You can also scroll down the page and see your household's average daily water use.
  • You can change the 'What's my water use?' table by clicking on the different bill lines

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