When should I call the faults and emergencies line?

You can view planned improvements and emergency works online through South East Water LIVE -  an interactive map showing real-time works updates, and estimated resolution times.

Use our Report a leak online form to quickly and easily advise us of the following:

  • leaks located on roadways, naturestrips, fire hydrants or fire plugs (usually located below the ground)
  • missing or leaking stop taps, (this tap is located on the meter and turns off water to your house)

However, if you believe a matter is urgent contact our faults and emergencies team on 132 812.

The following cannot be reported online, please contact our faults and emergencies team

  • your water has a funny taste or smell, or is no longer clear
  • your water pressure has suddenly increased or decreased
  • you’ve lost your water supply
  • a sewer manhole on your property has wastewater seeping out, or the lid is cracked or broken (a sewer manhole has a round circular lid and is big enough to fit a person inside)
  • there is wastewater overflowing from a fitting or outlet outside your home, or from your shower or toilet
  • you can smell an odour resembling sewage
  • you have spotted a missing or damaged cover on a fire hydrant or fire plug.

Faults and emergencies 132 812 or send us an email

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