When will we receive water from the desalination plant?

We’re already receiving water from the desalination plant. Between 2016 and March 2019, 76 billion litres of desalinated water have supported our storages.

In March 2019, the Minister for Water announced an order of 125 billion litres for 2019–-20.

In April each year, based on advice from South East Water, the other Melbourne water utilities and Melbourne Water, the Minister for Water announces whether an order will be placed or not in the coming financial year.

The decision is based on how much is needed in the next year to maintain water security, expected rainfall, current storage levels and cost to customers.

The desalination plant helps the city respond to the challenges posed by population growth, climate change and natural disasters like bushfires. Water from the desalination plant is just one part of our integrated water management plan, to make sure we can deliver healthy water for life now and into the future. 

We continue to look for new ways to protect our water supplies, and believe in using the right type of water for the right purpose. We’re expanding or customers’ access to recycled and rainwater for non-drinking purposes, and are working to make it easier for our customers to reduce their water use while supporting green, liveable communities. 

Desalinated water is mixed with existing water storages and undergoes the same treatment process - so there'll be no difference to the taste or appearance of water that comes out of your tap.

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