Why am I getting billed for water use when I have a tenant?

There could be a few reasons for this.
  • Have you let us know you have a tenant?
    • It is your responsibility as the owner to advise us of the tenants' details. If you (or your real estate) hasn't already let us know, please provide the tenants' details via the Move in form.
  • Does the property have separate water meters?
    • If you’re a landlord of a property that shares a meter (such as a block of units or apartments), you will be billed for its water use. This is required under the Water Industry Act 1994. On your bill, the water use will be shown as a percentage of the total water used by all residents on the property.

Even with a tenant, as the owner of the property you will still be billed for the Water and Sewerage service charges, as well as the Parks and the Waterways and Drainage charges.

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