Group EFT

How to pay your group accounts using electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Paying your group accounts for South East Water is now much quicker and easier with our online portal. View all your accounts and pay them in a few simple steps – all from the one location.

1. Visit, locate the Group accounts payment option, then select Pay now.
Group account image of pay now button
2. On the Account verification screen, you’ll be prompted to enter your Group account number and one of the individual Unpaid account numbers listed on your group account summary. Select Login to proceed.

Account verification screen

3. The Choose invoices screen will display all unpaid accounts registered under your group account number.
  • To pay the group account in full, check Select all invoices, then select Pay balance.
  • To make a partial payment of your group account, select the checkbox for each individual account you wish to pay, then select Next to proceed. Note: You can adjust the payment amount for individual accounts by changing the amount listed

Tip: You can also use the Search invoices function to find an account by address or customer number.

Choose invoices screen

4. The Payment details screen summarises the pending payment. If you want to validate individual account details, select Show account details.

To proceed with payment, you need to Accept the terms of the direct debit request, enter the Bank account name, BSB and Bank account number. Select Next to proceed.

Payment details screen

5. On the Confirm payment details screen you are required to enter a unique (human readable) Verification code. Select Pay to process payment.
Note: If you are vision impaired you can opt for an audible code by selecting Audio.

Confirmation screen

6. From the Payment confirmation screen you can Print a receipt, or email a PDF receipt by entering an Email address, then select Send.

Note: If you have additional group accounts to pay, select Return to login.

Payment confirmation screen


  • If you are paying an account that is not listed in your group account, you are unable to use this EFT payment option. Please refer to the payment options listed on the account.
  • Minimum web browser requirements are: Internet Explorer 10 (or greater) or latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari (not Safari 2).
  • For optimal performance, it is not reccomeded to access this payment portal from mobile devices.

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